We provide a swiftenv image for Docker. You can pull it down to use Swiftenv and Swift in Docker or base your own images from the swiftenv image.

Swiftenv provides multiple base docker images:

  • latest - Image with swiftenv and all runtime dependencies to use Swift binaries.
  • build - Image with swiftenv and all build dependencies to be able to build Swift from source.
  • swift3 - Image with swiftenv and the latest stable version of Swift 3.
  • swift - Image with swiftenv and the latest stable version of Swift.

All of the docker images are based on top of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial).

Running the swiftenv image directly

You can pull down the kylef/swiftenv docker image and run it.

$ docker pull kylef/swiftenv
$ docker run -i -t --entrypoint /bin/sh kylef/swiftenv
# swiftenv --version
swiftenv 1.4.0

Or for swiftenv with latest Swift:

$ docker pull kylef/swiftenv:swift
$ docker run -i -t --entrypoint /bin/sh kylef/swiftenv
# swift --version
swift 3.0.1

Building a docker image using swiftenv

You may base your own Docker image from the swiftenv image, you may then install any Swift version you desire in your container.

FROM kylef/swiftenv
RUN swiftenv install 3.0


Docker compose allows you to setup and run your project easier. It’s a wrapper around docker.

For example, we can create a service called commander on top of the swift3 swiftenv image which maps the source files into the docker container.

version: '2.0'

    image: kylef/swiftenv:swift3
      - './Sources:/code/Sources'
      - './Tests:/code/Tests'
      - './Packages:/code/Packages'
      - './Package.swift:/code/Package.swift'
    working_dir: /code
    command: swift build

We can then use docker-compose to run commands such as swift test inside our container.

$ docker-compose run commander swift test

You can switch out the image line of your service for build: . to build a Dockerfile found in your repository instead of going straight from the swift3 image. This allows you to pin to a specific version of Swift.